I am a science journalist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
I have been acting in this field since 2008 and most of my work has been published in the Brazilian science magazine “Ciência Hoje” and its website “Ciência Hoje On-line”, where I worked from 2011 to 2015. Today I am a reporter at Revista Onco&, a magazine about cancer aimed on doctors. I am also responsable for the communication of the Brazilian Network of Science for Education (Rede CpE), a network of scientists whose researches can be applyed to improve learning and teaching. Besides, I work as a freelancer covering all subjects related to science, health and technology, from quantum physics to archeological findings.

My focus is on science made in Brazil, but I also write about international studies and researches as well. Since my career started I have had the opportunity to travel many times abroad in order to cover international meetings and events related to science, health, environment and technology.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and I have also a specialization in science communication. My professional background is in magazine and website writing, however, I have also experience in photography and in shooting and editing movies.


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